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Re-Elect Mayor Allen Scott

In 2018, when I announced my campaign, I asked everyone to expect more. Expect more responsible spending, more open communication, more support for schools and other organizations, and to expect more from your Mayor.

Over the past three years, I have been able to accomplish many things. I have been able to achieve several significant parks improvements, including a dog park, new lighting and bathrooms at Ashley Park, construction of the Parkway trail through Alcoa 40 Park, allocation of partial funds for lighting at Midland Park, approval for a complete update of Springhill Park, updates and repairs at Bishop Aquatic Center, the new pavilion at Bishop Park, Festival power at Bishop Park, new parks signage, and trail repairs at Mills Park just to name a few.

I have started to address the stormwater issues throughout the city by allocating $1,000,000 of reserve funds to design and construct several stormwater mitigation projects. These include projects in the following areas: Cambridge, Debswood, Carywood, Mills Park, Henson, Ozark, Stoneybrook, Stillman Loop, Lexington Park, Bridgeport, Shobe Road, Dogwood. There are many more projects in the Preliminary Design stages or are on the schedule for completion in the future.


I also completed installing a traffic signal at Highway 183 and Hill Farm Road and the completion of Bryant Parkway from Interstate 30 to Shobe Road. Funding for the remainder of the Parkway from Shobe Road to Highway 183 is secured, and the necessary state and federal approvals to build that portion of the Parkway have been obtained. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2021 or early 2022.

Much has been accomplished with the proper systems now in place and the positive working and living environment we have created together. You can expect even more in the remainder of this term and in my next term. I’ve met many of you at my monthly “Coffee with the Mayor” sessions and community events. My door remains open, and I value your input. Thank you for your faith in electing me Mayor and your vote in the next election.

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